India and Indians have been awaiting this precious cash crop known as ' Red Sanders ' for hundreds of years. South India is home to quality-grade heartwood due to its favorable soil and climate conditions for Red Sanders to grow and was once a major supplier to the rest of the world. 



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Forestry as an Asset Class

Trees keep growing regardless of the macro-economic conditions. The value of the tree and the land increase simultaneously along with volume of yield, Mean Annual Increment (MAI)

In the continuing low-interest rate environment, amid volatile debt and equity markets, investors' search for yield continuity. Forestry in the long-run has outperformed almost all asset classes including equities, bonds, oil, gold and real estate. 

The investors are attracted to sustainable forestry because the asset class has a low correlation with debt and equity markets and offers some protection against inflation. 

The growing interest in forestry is part of a broader shift towards diversification into "real assets", which also include trees besides infrastructure and real estate. 

Investments in plantation land also benefit from land ownership, which can increase in value, helping to boost returns. Financial markets can go down-crashing but tree keeps on growing!




Own a Plantations Unit - Create Eco-system

Why should you invest in Social Eco-forestry Project?

The trees you plant help combat climate change, whether you planted trees around your home and property, in your neighborhood or in agro-forestry. Through the natural process of photosynthesis, trees absorb Carbon-di-oxide and other pollutant particulates, then store the carbon and emit pure oxygen. 

Can we do away with permits, allow forestry-based economy to grow and still increase forest cover, protect wildlife and conserve our ecology? The answer is yes! 

Finally in the year 2008, with Government of India amending its act and giving permissions to cultivate Red Sanders has opened doors for individuals and co-operate bodies to relish the rich outcome of cultivating this wild crop. 

Everyone can take simple steps to help reduce climate change, from planting a tree and investing in agro-forestry. This investment not only helps your children and next generations to reap the profits but you are also directly helping to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

US$100 billion Industry

  • The total amount of global institutional investment in forestry has surged from an estimated US$10 billion-US$15 billion in the early 2000s to over US$100 billion today. 

  • And by investing in trees, you’d also be supporting an industry that’s ripe for growth.

  • The agroforestry value chain has a lot of opportunities, whether in timber felling and lumber processing, transportation, construction, or plant breeding and tree nursery operations.

  • By investing in trees, you can support a budding industry that has the potential to create new jobs in the future.

Social Entrepreneurs

  • Investing in trees might not sound like the most exciting investment, but trees can offer financial and social returns for years to come.

  • Supply and demand are key factors to consider for any new venture, and with trees, both of these indicators work in investors’ favour. 

  • Trees offer a multitude of benefits for investors looking to build long-term returns while making a difference for society.

Save Earth - Save Ourselves

This investment makes you a proud citizen fighting social causes and global issues.

Keep Planet Healthier

Every Rupee spent on planting and caring a tree gives benefits that include cleaner air, lower energy costs, improved water quality and storm water control and increased property values, and good return on your investment.

Global Warming &

Climate Change

Increasing the forest cover lowers surface, air and water temperatures by providing shade and thus help reduce the effects of climate change and fight against  global warming.

Create Eco-system

Creating an eco-system by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and provide habitat and food for birds and other animals.

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