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Our primary goal in all business decisions is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with all that we provide. This simple yet effective approach has fueled our growth since opening in 2016, and will continue to do so for years down the road.

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Eco-forestry Initiative

Conserve what our children Deserve

In today’s volatile market conditions, venturing into agriculture & farming has been a herculean task for Biologists and Nature lovers, owing to the difficulties in finding farm labour and other resources to do a sustainable farming.  

We at Parvatham Eco-forestry offer you a perfect solution by taking the responsibility of your land parcel and converting it into a beautiful eco-forest. We provide total eco-forestry services, from plant to your bank!


Our Company - Our Vision - Our Mission


Forestry as an Asset Class

Trees keep growing regardless of the macro-economic conditions.

The value of the tree and the land increase simultaneously along with volume of yield, Mean Annual Increment (MAI)

In the continuing low-interest rate environment, amid volatile debt and equity markets, investors' search for yield continuity. Forestry in the long-run has outperformed almost all asset classes including equities, bonds, oil, gold and real estate. 

The growing interest in forestry is part of a broader shift towards diversification into "real assets", which also include trees besides infrastructure and real estate. 

The investors are attracted to sustainable forestry because the asset class has a low correlation with debt and equity markets and offers some protection against inflation. 

Investments in plantation land also benefit from land ownership, which can increase in value, helping to boost returns. Financial markets can go down-crashing but tree keeps on growing!

Eco-forestry -  A Sustainable Investment

Hands in the Soil

Eco-forestry in India is a major environmental resource producing wood and wood products to meet the global demand. India is one of the seventeen mega-biodiverse countries, home to 7% of the world's bio-diversity, having several flora & fauna species as endemic to Indian Sub-continent.

As per ITTO 2017 report, in 2015 the forestry industry in India has produced  more than 50 million cubic meters of logs, with export value exceeding $72.6 million US dollars. 

Why Invest in Eco-forestry? - A Financial Insight.


Save  Forests - Save ourselves

Keep Planet Healthier

Every Rupee spent on planting and caring a tree gives benefits that include cleaner air, lower energy costs, improved water quality and storm water control and increased property values, and good return on your investment.

Global Warming &

Climate Change

Increasing the forest cover lowers surface, air and water temperatures by providing shade and thus help reduce the effects of climate change and fight against  global warming.

Create Eco-system

Creating an eco-system by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and provide habitat and food for birds and other animals.

A Community Eco-forestry Plantation Investment - 2021

Eco-forestry  Plantation  Ownership

Glancer for Landowners

If you want to invest in eco-forestry plantation, you need to consider several factors that influence your success in securing returns from your trees. Either 'Do it yourself ' or 'Hire an experienced expert' to start your plantation venture. 

Today, farming has been one of the most neglected sector due to the inherent challenges. In villages, where farming is a 'way of life' agricultural activities use to run smoothly because of the previous generation farmers lifestyle, dedication, commitment & responsibility. But today, the next generation farmer children took different ways in search of a living and thousands of acres of fertile agriculture land has been left uncultivated. Farming has become a big challenge even for experienced farmers!

Every investor would wish to buy land and start plantation on his own.  Consider the below activities that you need to focus for your plantation venture.

  1. Searching Ideal Lands, documents verification, legal opinions and negotiations

  2. Purchasing ideal land for the type of plant selected

  3. Soil Testing for required minerals & nutrients and Soil Enrichment plan for compensating any deficiencies

  4. Hiring a plantation supervisor to kick-start activities

  5. Hiring Plantation labor - mostly you need experienced farmers

  6. Appointing a dedicated team of watch-man

  7. Land clearing & Land preparation - cultivating the land

  8. Erecting perimeter fencing and other security aspects

  9. Drilling borewells, establishing pump-houses

  10. Constructing watchman quarters

  11. Fertilizing the land with nutrients & minerals

  12. Pre-transplantation plan for overcoming imminent threats to saplings

  13. Buying the saplings and Transplanting the saplings

  14. Installing Irrigation systems and Drip mechanism

  15. Periodic maintenance schedules like watering, mulching, weeding, pruning etc.,

  16. Documentations & Licensing for your trees

  17. Procuring felling orders and harvesting

  18. Marketing the yield

It is clearly evident and needless to mention why several farming enthusiasts have burnt their pockets in this process of 'do-it-yourself'. It could become a herculean task if you are not a farmer and if you are not from farming background.

Eco-forestry  Plantation  Ownership - Redesigned & Simplified

We at Parvatham Eco-forestry take care of everything mentioned above, which you should be doing on your own. From land selection to marketing we manage everything for you, in a professional manner with a strategic approach for achieving sustainability, optimum productivity and profitability in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manner.


All you have to do is invest and relax!  Every year come and visit your plantation, observe your trees growing and explore the eco-tourism locations with our exclusive membership. Parvatham Eco-forestry is a complete farm management company having expertise in managing large scale plantations for its clients in a sustainable, economical and productive business operations. We currently manage plantation lands of 500 plus clients ranging from private individuals to institutional investors. We’re proud to provide community members with top-notch service. Our clients love working with us, many of them returning as repeat customers. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.


Our trees stand as testimonials. Come, visit our plantations, see for yourself!

A Tree outside the forest is a tree protected inside the forest!