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In 2016, we were approached by an enthusiast group of people interested in buying agriculture land to cultivate Red Sandal trees in Kanigiri, Andhra Pradesh. Owing to the challenges involved in cultivation & maintenance of the plantation this group asked our Chairman Shri. Parvatham Prasad Reddy to help them identify suitable land, plant type and to take up maintenance services of the entire plantation. Being a farmer, and also having extensive knowledge on Red Sandalwood tree, he agreed. Thus, started our journey with a 13 acres pilot project, which was planted by the end of 2016.

There are very few people having expertise in cultivating Red Sandal for commercial plantations, as this tree was officially announced legal to cultivate only after 2015 by the Central Government. Our learning experiences from the pilot project gave several insights as to nature of the plant, type of soil, requirement of specific conditions and proper maintenance techniques. Mr.Prasad Reddy has approached forest genetics & breeding center, Forest research institute and acquired additional knowledge on how this species of Pterocarpus Santalinus can be grown in large scale commercial plantations.

From 2018, we emerged on our mission to spread awareness on this rare and unique form of wood, which has highly restrictive distribution and  the demand for its rich heartwood. In 2020 the company has grown to a private limited organization with the name, ‘PARVATHAM ECO-FORESTRY PRIVATE LIMITED’ and today, our achievements in the field of Eco-forestry services are:

  • 500 plus members in our Eco-forestry plantation initiatives

  •  200 plus acres under maintenance and 300 acres under land preparation

  •  1,00,000 Raktchandhan / Red Sandal trees planted

  •  150 plus farm labour in employment providing Regional development

  • 200 cows for Organic Farming

  • Eco-forestry Guest House for our members (under construction)




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  • To educate, inspire & attract enthusiastic investors into conservation, restoration & protection of our forests by reaching out to the public through various campaigns

  • To work towards habitat & natural process restoration of ‘Pterocarpus Santalinus’ species and species management by establishing large cultivated areas in its distribution areas.

  • To practice ‘sustainable eco-forestry’ to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

  • Adapt best practices in plantation farming that integrates reforestation and managing, growing, nurturing and harvesting trees for useful products and ecosystem services such as: the conservation of soil, air and water quality, carbon sequestration, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitats, recreation and aesthetics

  • To develop eco-tourism locations, by promoting & conducting guided tours to pristine forest caves, valleys, waterfalls and ancient temples of importance in South Eastern Forest ranges.


To plant ‘One Million’ Raktchandhan trees by establishing 2500 acres of community eco-forestry plantations by 2025 thereby producing minimum 2,00,000 Metric Tonnes of legal harvest to meet National & International markets demand for high quality Raktchandhan heartwood and its products.

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A farmer driven company, with rich knowledge on farming techniques is the core strength of Parvatham Eco-forestry Private Limited. Our Chairman, Mr.Parvatham Prasad Reddy has rich experience in farming & plantations. He helped several landlords in Prakasam District to procure ideal lands for Red Sandal cultivation and other indigenous & epidemic plant species of South East Forests.

  • Local knowledge of the area;

  • Extensive research on types of soils and species suitable;

  • Experience on managing variations in the field accurately;

  • Knowledge on Soil, weather, vegetation, water;

  • Proper understanding of the tools to measure, map, monitor, manage and measure several resource & manpower variations precisely;

  • Ability for Greater Sustainability;

  • Aim for Higher Productivity;

  • Ability to manage Maintenance costs;

  • Awareness on Environmental Protection;


Our Contribution

Average 100 Kgs of Oxygen produced per Tree in an Year, which amounts to 10,000 Metric Tons of Oxygen produced for the Planet.

Average 40 Kgs of Carbon Sequestrated by each tree, which amounts to 4,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Sequestrated for the Planet​.

Over 200 cows in dedicated Goshala, procuring organic nutrients enriching & rejuvenating the soil nutrients & minerals.

1,00,000 trees currently in growth stage, average 200 Kgs of Raktchandhan ‘Heartwood’ per tree under production, which amounts to 20,000 Metric Tons by 2029, to meet the future International & National Market demand & needs.

25 plus eco-tourism locations identified in South Eastern forests ( Nallamala & Seshachalam) for preservation, restoration and development through our eco-tourism activities.

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A Tree outside the forest is a tree protected inside the forest!