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US $100 Billion Industry

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  • The total amount of global institutional investment in forestry has surged from an estimated US$10 billion-US$15 billion in the early 2000s to over US$100 billion today. 

  • And by investing in trees, you’d also be supporting an industry that’s ripe for growth.

  • The agroforestry value chain has a lot of opportunities, whether in timber felling and lumber processing, transportation, construction, or plant breeding and tree nursery operations.


Social Entrepreneurship

  • Investing in trees might not sound like the most exciting investment, but trees can offer financial and social returns for years to come.

  • Supply and demand are key factors to consider for any new venture, and with trees, both of these indicators work in investors’ favour. 

  • Trees offer a multitude of benefits for investors looking to build long-term returns while making a difference for society.

  • By investing in trees, you can support a budding industry that has the potential to create new jobs in the future.

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Our Services

Tractor Wheels

Land Management

Having decades of experience in Farming & Agriculture, we can better manage the agricultural lands of our clients from plant to bank, providing total maintenance, security, harvesting and sale proceedings through legal documentation process.

Tractors Parked in the Crop Field

Soil Preparation

We identify ideal lands that are rich in soil nutrients and are well-drained for prevention of water logging. Before transplanting the saplings, we plough the soil to prevent any affect of previously used fertilizers or pesticides.

Tiny Green Plants

Plant Selection & Transplantation

All the  saplings are carefully selected and brought for approved nurseries. The saplings will have been in incubation for 5 months before transplantation thus reducing the water requirement for the plants.

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Plantation Maintenance

We maintain the plantations using organic maintenance techniques, with periodic schedules. Our maintenance crew has decades of experience in plantation activities. And we rely on our own tools, machinery & equipment.


Yield Management

​We understand the inherent challenges that large scale commercial Red Sander farming encompasses and capability to create an environment of eco-sustainability and quality in yield.

Numbering Trees

Data Analysis & Evaluation

Our Plantation office continuously monitors every tree and  collects data for analysis and further evaluation of growth-rate and several other factors.


Plantation Highlights


Plantation Highlights

  • Maintenance by farmers with Organic Farming experience

  • Organized plantation techniques

  • Proposed In-house 'Gosala' for obtaining organic nutrients from cows

  • All plants carefully selected and transplanted

  • Periodic watering, weeding, mulching & other maintenance schedules

  • Completely equipped with own farm maintenance equipment like tractors, watering tankers, drip mechanism etc.,

  • Local experienced farm workers

  • Experienced Consultants in the panel to negotiate Sale agreements for the yield produce with National & International companies through legal channels


Plantation Details

  • Red Sander Plant Variety based on Selection and Vegetative propagation of superior clones of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus L.)

  • Plant is ideal type for mass multiplication and large scale planting, procured from Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Centers

  • Soil Type is Well-drained red soil with required ‘gravelled loam - clay’ proportions

  • All our plantations are ideally located away from Air & Dust Pollution, yet within 4 - 12 kms to Kanigiri town and located near Villages for plantation security purposes

  • All Plantation sites have adequate Bore-wells with Pump-house for Drip Irrigation

  • 16 ft internal & 30 ft main tracks in the plantation for movement of farm vehicles

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Security Details

  • Completely Solar-fenced plantation with future security upgradations such as CC TV surveillance, Reinforced fencing and increased monitoring

  • Watchman Quarters

  • Round the Clock Guarding

  • Geo-tagging of the Tree

  • Property Mark & Legal Documentation process in the name of the plantation owner

  • Process for Cutting orders in the name of the plantation unit owner

  • Inspection process & Transporting to the Govt. Authorized Depot

  • Sale of the produced heartwood through Business agreements and Govt appointed Agents for Local & export market

Conserve What Our Children Deserve 


Why should you invest in Social Eco-forestry Project?

The trees you plant help combat climate change, whether you planted trees around your home and property, in your neighborhood or in agro-forestry. Through the natural process of photosynthesis, trees absorb Carbon-di-oxide and other pollutant particulates, then store the carbon and emit pure oxygen. 

Can we do away with permits, allow forestry-based economy to grow and still increase forest cover, protect wildlife and conserve our ecology? The answer is yes! 

Everyone can take simple steps to help reduce climate change, from planting a tree and investing in eco-forestry. This investment not only helps your children and next generations to reap the profits but you are also directly helping to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee satisfaction of maintenance standards and continuously strive towards achieving our key objectives in all areas of eco-forestry activities through constant up-dation of skills and collaboration.


A Tree outside the forest is a tree protected inside the forest!