Parvatham Plantation Developers is founded  by a ‘farmer’ with a vision to inspire this generation into investing on agro-forestry plantation and reaping the benefits that could prove exceptionally profitable than any other form of investment. The company is founded by Sri.Parvatham Prasad Reddy coming from a farming family, a native of Pamuru town in Prakasam District having rich experience in agricultural farming practices.

Mr.Prasad has studied the plant to understand the practicality of the soil type and to identify the ideal land suitable for cultivation of Red Sanders in his own district which is one of the five districts to which Red Sander is epidemic. Mr.Prasad learned that a forest environment is essentially required, which has more humus in the soil due to its water retention capabilities. His vision is to inspire more people to come into farming which has several benefits to the individual and the society at large. 

Our planet earth needs many trees, and whether we plant one tree or thousands, each one helps create a healthier planet. Thanks to Government for easing regulations since 2008 on Red Sander cultivation and farmers are hopeful that in the near future there will be a sustainable support from Government and Forest Authorities to farmers and eco-forestry companies.


Parvatham Plantation Developers

Vision of A Farmer - On A Mission to Inspire


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To enable people mainly Biologists and Nature lovers who find it difficult to own an agriculture farm and to maintain it, ‘Parvatham Plantation Developers’ has designed this 'social agro-forestry project' of planting Raktchandhan/Red Sandalwood crop, thus reducing the risk factors and encouraging more and more small, medium investors to come forward and join this sustainable project.

Parvatham Plantations has already planted 50000 Red Sanders. The company has complete infrastructure like tractors, drip irrigation, farm-workmen, watchmen and complete establishment to maintain the lantation as per organized farming standards. All the plantation sites are chosen after soil testing, and the plants are procured from Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Center.

As Red Sanders is a Long gestation crop, lack of Incentives, small land holdings, administrative complexities, and competition from
commercial agriculture crops were identified as the main challenges. To overcome these challenges and to give advantage of earning from this precious wood, Parvatham Plantation Developers has taken up this project.

Promise From Parvatham Plantations

•    We can better manage risk
•    We can maximize the returns from your input investments
•    We can ensure long term plantation farming and business sustainability


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