Greater Sustainability For Environmental Protection

Plantation Maintenance Techniques

Mechanization has revolutionized the countryside with machines and replaced cattle with tractors. For more than 10,000 years, people have grown crops using trial & error, and learnt the techniques, received wisdom on how the soil feels when rubbing it between their fingertips, on how a particular plant can be potentially productive in a particular type of soil and its cultivation practices.


“A farmer is more serious in his business”

Our Strengths

Having a farmer with rich knowledge on farming techniques is the core strength of Parvatham Plantations Developers. The Chairman, Mr.Parvatham Prasad Reddy has rich experience in farming & plantations. He helped several landlords in Prakasam District to procure ideal soil types of lands for various plantations like Eucalyptus, Red Sandal, White Sandal and other indigenous & epidemic plant species of Seshachalam range.


  • Local knowledge of the area;

  • Extensive research on types of soils and species suitable;

  • Experience on managing variations in the field accurately;

  • Knowledge on Soil, weather, vegetation, water;

  • Proper understanding of the tools to measure, map, monitor, manage and measure several resource & manpower variations precisely;

  • Ability for Greater Sustainability;

  • Aim for Higher Productivity;

  • Ability to manage Maintenance costs;

  • Awareness on Environmental Protection;

Plantation Details

Plantation Location: Prakasam District

Town : Kanigiri (Kanakagiri)

Total Plantation Area : 100 Acres + 150 Acres under testing

Number of Units : 1000

Size of each Unit : 0.22 Cents (1060 Sq.Yds) per unit

No. of Trees per Unit : 104 Red Sanders 

No. of Years to Avg. Yield : 12-15 years

Expected Avg. Yield : 30 MT to 52 MT per unit

Tenure of Lease Agreement : 12 years with additional 3 years extendable

Sustainability - Social Responsibility - Profitability

“A tree grown outside forest is a tree protected inside forest”

Plantation Highlights

Plantation Highlights

  • Maintenance by farmers with Organic Farming experience

  • Organized plantation techniques

  • Proposed In-house 'Gosala' for obtaining organic nutrients from cows

  • All plants carefully selected and transplanted

  • Periodic watering, weeding, mulching & other maintenance schedules

  • Completely equipped with own farm maintenance equipment like tractors, watering tankers, drip mechanism etc.,

  • Local experienced farm workers

  • Experienced Consultants in the panel to negotiate Sale agreements for the yield produce with National & International companies through legal channels

Plantation Details

  • Red Sander Plant Variety based on Selection and Vegetative propagation of superior clones of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus L.)

  • Plant is ideal type for mass multiplication and large scale planting, procured from Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Centers

  • Soil Type is Well-drained red soil with required ‘gravelled loam - clay’ proportions

  • All our plantations are ideally located away from Air & Dust Pollution, yet within 4 - 12 kms to Kanigiri town and located near Villages for plantation security purposes

  • All Plantation sites have adequate Bore-wells with Pump-house for Drip Irrigation

  • 16 ft internal & 30 ft main tracks in the plantation for movement of farm vehicles

Security Details

  • Completely Solar-fenced plantation with future security upgradations such as CC TV surveillance, Reinforced fencing and increased monitoring

  • Watchman Quarters

  • Round the Clock Guarding

  • Geo-tagging of the Tree

  • Property Mark & Legal Documentation process in the name of the plantation owner

  • Process for Cutting orders in the name of the plantation unit owner

  • Inspection process & Transporting to the Govt. Authorized Depot

  • Sale of the produced heartwood through Business agreements and Govt appointed Agents for Local & export market

Conserve What Our Children Deserve To Flourish

Vision 20-20 : 500 Acres of

Happiness to our Customers

Key Maintenance plan

We understand the inherent challenges that large scale commercial Red Sander farming encompasses and capability to create an environment of eco-sustainability.

  • Soil Preparation

  • Plant Preparation

  • Crop Management

  • Ideal Resource Utilization

  • Yield Management

  • Harvesting

  • Data Analysis

  • Evaluation

Meet The Plantation Team


Plantation Supervisor

Am responsible for entire plantation maintenance work. Work scheduling, mobilizing workmen and equipment are prime areas of focus for me. 

Periodic weeding, hoeing around the plant and application of organic nutrients are key tasks of Red Sander maintenance.

Anji Reddy

Plantation Manager

As a Plantation Manager, my prime responsibility is safety & security of the plantation and the people working in it. Am accountable for engaging the manpower and recruiting competent security personnel, besides regular plantation maintenance.


Plantation Supervisor

Am responsible for entire plantation maintenance work. Work scheduling, mobilizing workmen and equipment are prime areas of focus for me. 

Periodic weeding, hoeing around the plant and application of organic nutrients are key tasks of Red Sander maintenance.

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