The Mysterious Wood with  Multiple  Benefits



The wood has historically been valued in China, particularly during the Ming and Qing periods, referred to in Chinese as zitan. Chinese traders would have been familiar with Red Sanders. This is known for its pretty reddish heartwood which is used in woodworks for making antique products.

A Rare & Unique form of Medicinal wood

  • Usage of Raktchandhan

    ​Mainly used for carvings, furniture, poles and house posts. The rare “wavy” grain variant is highly valued in Japan for its acoustic properties and is mostly used to make musical instruments.

    Timber is exploited for the extraction of santalin (a red pigment used as dye and colorant in food) medicine and cosmetic. The Red Sander Wood is of high demand in China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Gulf countries.   

  • Medicinal Properties

    The wood at the center of the trunk (heartwood) is used as medicine. Red Sandalwood is used for treating digestive tract problems, fluid retention, and coughs and for "blood purification". Mainly used for treating digestive tract problems, fluid retention and cough and for “blood purification”. 

    Bark, heartwood and sapwood contain santalin A and B, isopterocarpolone, pterrocarptriol, isipterocarpene, pterocarpdiolone, pterocarpol, acyl olealonic aldehyde and acetyloleanolic acid.

  • Raktchandhan in Tradition

    In South India, the tradition of making Raja-Rani Dolls, from Red Sandal Wood, which is locally available in Chittoor and Kadapa districts of AP is kept alive by many craftsmen, who create one-of-its kind, highly attractive mythological figures and panels.


    The kitchen set comprising five tools used for food preparation like ‘rokali’ used in south India to prepare food items is made using Raktchandhan in older days as the medicinal properties of the wood are absorbed by the food items and thus consumed by people. 

  • Raktchandhan in Culture

    The intricate carvings using Red Sandalwood are produced with the help of simple and locally made traditional tools. The artisans are known for their extensive range of exquisitely patterned pieces of art works in Red Sandal Wood, which are in great demand all over the world for their decorative value.

    In Buddhism, Red Sanderwood is considered to be a symbol of holiness, and is thus used for carved statues, as a constituent of incense and for cremation. In China, Red Sanderwood has a long history of use in furniture and other valuable wood products.

Raktchandhan in Research

Pterocarpus santalinus is used in traditional herbal medicine as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, tonic, hemorrhage, dysentery, aphrodisiac, anti-hyper glycaemic and diaphoretic.

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